Geometry Nodes Attribute Viewer

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Attribute Viewer

Workflow improving nodes and addon.

Did you ever lack the possibility to see the spreadsheet values right in the 3D view?

Did you wonder what the concrete values of fields are on their domain positions?

What is the randomly generated value that you are plugging into other nodes?

Or do you want to generate arbitrary numbers in geometry nodes?

This is all possible now by plugging one of the nodes of Attribute Viewer into your node tree. We visualize the values by generating customizable text numbers at the place of your attributes. The generated text can also be used in your renders, not only for debugging.

(NEW) Version 2.0

The new update comes with exciting features and quality of life improvements

  • Domain support - view fields stored at edges, faces, face corners or splines
  • Label alignment - align the labels to the selected object
  • Selection input - select where viewer labels are generated
  • Simplified system - four capable nodes for everything


Four node groups to view your geometry nodes attributes. Node groups have similar inputs and output the original geometry + text representing the values in viewport.

Plug in the geometry, the desired attribute, and you are ready to go. You can also change the look of the generated text - scale, color, and offset are controllable.

If you prefer more decimal numbers or working in a different number system, the node-groups support that too.


Similar workflow to the native viewer, but with viewer nodes. Install the addon version for it to spawn nodes for you within a few clicks.


  • CTRL+SHIFT+Middle Mouse (on a node with attributes) - cycle through attributes and view them (or connect geometry to the active viewer)
  • CTRL+SHIFT+Right Click (on a node connected to viewer) - remove connected viewers from active node
  • CTRL+SHIFT+W - show addon menu, you can add viewers or remove all viewers from here


  • 2.0.0 (10. 7. 2023) - updated attribute-number-text generator, attribute domain support, label alignment, selection input, simplified node-setups
  • 1.0.1 (25. 11. 2022) - fixed error when other join geometry node was present
  • 1.0.0 (18. 11. 2022) - initial release supporting attribute viewing, number display node, and addon code

Also available on Github!

If you have any feedback, critique or an idea feel free to contact me.

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Geometry Nodes Attribute Viewer

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I want this!